3 Core Round Insulated Flex White PVC Electrical Cable - .5 mm, .75 mm, 1mm & 1.5 mm

Size: .5 mm


Our 3 Core Round Flex White PVC Electrical cables feature:
  • We sell all our electrical cable by the metre - this means you can buy exactly what you need and minimise waste - below prices are listed per metre
  • 3 colour coded cores
  • Suitable for use around the home or office
  • PVC insulation & outer sheath
  • **Please note** prices for this item are per metre of cable - if you buy multiple items you will receive 1 cable totalling the number of items added unless otherwise specified (for example if you buy 5 x 1.5mm cable you will receive 5 metres of 1.5 mm cable)  

 Sizes available: 

  • .5 mm
  • .75 mm
  • 1 mm
  • 1.5 mm

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