November 2023 Shop Update

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This months headlines for November are:

Our Websites 3rd Birthday

On the 9th of November it was our websites 3rd birthday. We are so proud of our website and to see so many of you using it makes us even happier. We have built this website solely in house including adding over 4,700 products to our online catalogue.
It's also been great to hear all of your lovely feedback and how its helping you to see all of the items we have and get them ordered in the comfort of your own home.
If you haven't used our website yet then take a look today. It has our monthly blog and our shops story from 1928 for you to read as well as all of our products to browse.
We are still going and keep working on it everyday to get the latest products uploaded for you to see and order

Our Christmas Raffle For The British Heart Foundation Begins

This year proceeds from our Christmas Raffle will go to the British Heart Foundation. You can buy tickets for £1 and win over £1000 worth of DIY, Hardware & Other prizes. Including 2 VIP tickets to Donnington Park to see the British superbikes 2024 with team hospitality including meals & refreshments.
This year we are looking to smash last years money raised of £568 for SANDS so help us beat our target.
Sadly many peoples lives are cut far too early due heart and circulatory disease. But many have been saved by the amazing research and new developments in medicine. Including our very own Richard Dayman who had a mechanical heart valve installed which has kept him alive to this day.

In April 1988 Rich had been feeling unwell for a number of weeks and the doctors at the time said he had flu but he didn’t seem to be getting any better. Then after a visit from the emergency doctor they wanted to send him in for more tests. This is when it was found that Rich had an infection in his main aortic heart valve and needed major heart surgery. So Rich was rushed in for an emergency open heart procedure. At the time pig valves were used but due to how much the infection had eaten away this was not possible. So a mechanical valve was used. At this time not many people had had these fitted but one person had lived with it for seven years. So they knew it would last that long but after that who knew.

At the time of the surgery Rich & wife, Sharon, were 4 weeks away from expecting a baby so it was an extremely busy and stressful time. But that being all said Rich is still here today to tell the story and his mechanical heart valve has been going 35 years. If it wasn’t for research from the British heart foundation then we wouldn’t have these advances in medicine and Rich would not be here today. If it hadn't been for research into procedures such as this then he would not be here today. So we want to do our bit and raise so money to help.

Win everything and more on this stand

We are stocked up on winter fuels for you

The cold weather is well and truly here and we have our full range of winter fuels stocked up to keep you warm! Whether you need calor gas, logs or coal we have all you could need. Don't forget we offer FREE local delivery on all orders over £25 so let us do the heavy lifting for you 🙂

Calor give us the go ahead to sell new bottles

We have been given the go ahead to sell new bottle agreements by Calor Gas. Therefore if you don't have a bottle we can now sell you a new agreement and the gas. So grab your bottle today here.

Grab a heater to keep you warm

The temperature has certainly dropped so we have a full range of heaters available for you. Heating individual rooms can work out more cost effective than your entire house depending on your rates.
A full range including timer switches to plan when you want the heater to come on.
See our range of heaters here

We are continuously updating our website so keep checking to see the latest products and updates. If there is something you can't find then contact us here. Thanks for reading our shop update. We love to read your comments or thoughts so drop us them below.

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Sharon Dayman

Sharon Dayman

What a GREAT DAYMAN’S DIY BLOG as always and well done for 3 years with the online shop. I know I am biased as I am family, and the wife of Richard Dayman, so I had that stress as a wife and mother to be 35 years ago, but cannot thank The British Heart Foundation enough for being there for me and my family. The team at Dayman’s DIY work tirelessly to serve their customers and even at my Tennis Ladies Team Christmas meal last night, so many of them commented on what a great DIY Shop Daymans is. One said, we love it, an Aladin’s Cave and everyone always so friendly and nonething is too much trouble. Great service, great prices, long may that continue and here’s hoping people will continue to support the business and help them eventually celebrate 100 Years. I wish everyone at Daymans DIY, and especially customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.xx

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