July 2021 Shop Update

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This months headlines:

Life After Lockdown

July brought with it the Euros which really provided a buzz and lifted everyones spirits in a time where we needed it most. Restrictions began to ease and more of what we consider normal life has began to fall into place. The market has been extremely unpredictable in the last 18 months and has seen a race for resources and stock. We hope that this will stabilise in the coming months but inevitably all prices across our suppliers are increasing.

Big delivery of garden materials

We received a well needed restock of garden materials after our stock was low. We got a fresh load of Grow bags, Compost, Decorative Bark, Ericaceous compost, Farmyard manure & Top soil

Current offers available are:

Compost 60L, 3 bags = £18.50, 5 bags = £30

Manure, Top Soil - 1 bag £4.99, 5 bags = £20

Grow bags - 1 bag £3.99, 3 bags = £10

Our biggest monthly category shakeup

This month we added a massive 15 new categories. We revamped the heating and plumbing section and have added lots more products for you to see. We still have a way to go until all of our products are online but its a working progress. We want you to have all the information you need for the products we show rather than rushing.


New Categories: 

As time goes on we will expand these categories but for now we have a selection of our range in each category.

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